Stresses of Summer

I know what you’re all thinking “but summer’s the best season!” 

I have one thing to tell you. I am team #coldweather on this one!

Although I like to say that I’m an optimistic person, there are some things that I just HAVE to vent about; so I’m hoping that you can a) relate and b) get some amusement out of this blog,

The STRESS of always trying to look decent 

The endless summer holidays provide the repetitive demand on one thing: your looks. From having to have 100 different outfits (and finding space for all of them), to shaving your legs- they’ll feel smooth for a day, and grow right back; and for the ridiculous amount of outfits that you’ll sweat your way through this summer- there is not just one day in summer where you can feel completely zen about it all.

Oh, and let’s not forget the good old beast of frizzy/sweaty hair we’ll all meet as soon as we step out into the sun.


Image via google 

The Expectation vs The Reality 

With summer, we all expect the dreamy life: roasting marshmallows on the beach, endless ice-cream trips with your best friends, relaxing days by the pool…

The reality is that the beach is too far away and bonfires are banned, there’s no ice-cream store near you because THIS IS ENGLAND and nobody has a pool because THIS IS ENGLAND.

The Heat 

I know what you’re thinking: she’s going to say WE EXPECT HEAT AND WE DON’T HAVE IT BECAUSE THIS IS ENGLAND.

In fact, I’m going to say: it’s so hot, and I wasn’t expecting it because THIS IS ENGLAND.

Literally, Britain has been sweating through sweltering heat waves, and let’s just say I’ve developed an intolerance to the sun.


Picture via google 


Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that I can travel and visit these places- but it doesn’t make it ANY. LESS. STRESSFUL.

There are dozens of stresses with travelling: first, the clothing. Does anybody else ever have that issue where you have no nice clothing on the few days before/after you travel because all your favourite items of clothing are packed?

Please don’t tell me I’m alone on that one.

Let’s not even look at if you are travel sick (I am and guess who knows- the air hostess- sorry about that…)

Lastly, there’s the issue of NOT travelling. Thanks to Instagram and Snapchat, you have a constant access to a stream of picturesque poses by seas, oceans and restaurants of exotic flavour, all from your comfortable location of that bum-dip in the sofa that you have inhabited all summer long.

The Burn 

This is a sensitive topic right now.

I get emotional

*cries and snorts into tissue*

ANYWAY summer, although does bring the prospect of looking beautifully bronzed and tan, also brings the prospect of looking like the procreation of an orangutang with some tracing paper (so, basically, not too cute). Having been subject to the banana-syndrome all too much myself recently, I can only pray that y’all don’t suffer the same fate



Picture via google 




I find it ridiculously ironic how stressed out I am about this when this time last month I was doing my GCSEs…


B xoxoxo


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