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School advice (GCSE) part 1

Hey guys!

So today’s blog is a bit different from the usual. I’m sat in front of the fire, green tea (decaf) next to me and I was having a little think- about school (seeing as mocks start next week- aah!)

It occurred to me that I have so, so much advice about school-life that I wish I could bundle up into a gift and spread around, so that’s would I’m going to do!

Attitude to school life 

Okay, so I’m jumping right in. In my opinion, if you’re going to wake up one morning and think ‘UGH, I hate school’, then you will. Simple as.

But if you wake up, and try to enjoy yourself, then you might just find that you do! I know that school isn’t for everyone but, at the end of the day, there’s nothing you can do so you might as well start enjoying it- at least one or two subjects?! Give it a go, you might surprise yourself.

Attitude to teachers

Wow. There’s a lot of attitude already.

I honestly think this is such an important aspect for school life! If you treat your teacher with the respect that they deserve (and they do deserve it) then life is made SO much easier, and that’s a promise. I’m going to put it into perspective for you:

If you have a teacher that you get along really well with, the following things will happen:

a) You will want to impress them, thus you’ll work harder and get better grades.

b) You’ll enjoy their classes and the subject more (and maybe discover an unknown interest in it? This has happened to me recently!)

c) Your parents evenings will be great. If they like you and you work hard, then what negative things are they going to say?

It really isn’t much just to smile at a teacher and ask them how their day has been, but it makes all the difference:)

Don’t be disheartened 

It’s so, so easy to be disheartened. When you get that paper back and you didn’t get the grade you wanted, or if your friend got that extra mark and you didn’t, it’s easy to just want to give up and claim that it’s too difficult.

But it’s not!!

Take a look at that paper, and make a vow not make those mistakes again!


okay that’s a bit sad but it’s true, they seriously help!

When you get that grade that you didn’t want, remember it when you’re revising and use it as motivation to do better and better and BETTER! You can do this:)

Practise and reward:) 

So, I should be practising some maths questions right now but I had this blog idea and if I didn’t write it then it would just carry on bubbling in my head until I explode and wouldn’t be able to solve the quadratic equation.


Each evening, when you do your study, if you really don’t want to do it (and even the thought of a shining grade won’t remove that urge to binge watch PLL)  then set yourself a reward.

This could be anything: from a Costa (my personal favourite) from just one youtube video, set yourself what you aim to achieve and plan a reward:)

This means that you’ll have something to work for and you’ll work efficiently in order to get that reward.

What about you? 

What’s your favourite lesson? I’m currently in Year 11 (GCSEs, eeep!) but I actually really enjoy school:)

I hope you have a snazzy day!




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